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A picture of the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline, since it's too explicit to show the actual object

The Alaskan Pipeline is something explicit. It's basically a very cheap homemade dildo that is done with the action of shitting inside a condom and freeze it for a few hours before using it in sexual relationships.


The Alaskan Pipeline is basically more of a term than an actual object, since its name is derived from the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline, which the reference comes from the fact that Alaska is a cold place to set an oil pipeline and the fact that the actual homemade dildo method is a combination of a turd and a condom wrapped around which is therefore frozen inside a freezer for hours.

The basic use of such an object is that it's basically the cheapest way to make a dildo, although excrements can cause genital-based diseases. After being frozen for hours in the freezer, this thing is used to penetrate your partner in either the asshole or the pussy while having sex.

The one thing that the Alaskan Pipeline should not be used into is the Kancho, as the effects of a needle is already taken away due to its volume and it would easily break into pieces.


For strange reasons, Filthy Frank mentioned this numerous times through the Filthy Frank episodes (which most of these episodes mentioning Alaskan Pipeline are taken down), although this never made any appearance. The most uneven mention is in WHY DRONES SUCK, which Frank mentioned Alaskan Pipeline while seeing Black Drone having sex with White Drone, although drone sex is already uneven, since drones don't even have any genitals nor mouths.

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