Barf Man
Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 2.25.06 PM
Barf Man rapping
Biographical info
Full name Barf Man
Aliases The Salamander
Dirty David
Species Lycra
Gender Male
Relative(s) Unnamed child (Deceased)
Residence Frank's Apartment
Political info
Affiliation Safari Man
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Borderline criminal
Rank Puke god
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance FILTHY COMPILATION #2
Role Puking eggs
Actor/Actress George, "Joji" Miller
Barf asian not barfing

Barf Man a few seconds before vomiting.

Barf Man (also known as Ninja) is a recurring Lycra who appears in multiple episodes. His Lycra suit is black, and he is known for puking.


Barf Man is a black-skinned Lycra person. He appeared in Filthy Compilation #2 where he emerged from Frank's closet and regurgitated a yellow liquid, most likely eggs. In 30 WAYS TO USE THE TOILET, it is shown that Barf Man is a master of creatively taking a shit. He is also a superb rapper, as shown in Who's The Sucker (MUSIC VIDEO). In the same video, it is stated that he pukes when he drinks vegetable and fruit juice. It appears that he is close friends with Safari Man.


Barf man is also seemingly criminal. In 30 WAYS TO USE THE TOILET, he is shown killing his unnamed child, killing black people for simply being black, assaulting and murdering someone in the bathroom stalls and even raping a man-child.


Chin-Chin Theory

Barf man is most likely Chin-Chin before he was cursed with Dark Chromosomes. Perhaps he's vomiting after the horrifying sexual abuse by Prometheus as seen in "Ninja Gets His ASS KICKED". This means that Comp #2 is set in the dark lords college years. The problem with this theory is that in the Book of Chromosomes, it is revealed that in the beginning of time, Chin Chin had his eyes sewn shut by the gods, and most likely meant that Chin Chin was born only seconds before.

Pink Guy Theory

It is possible that Barf Man is Pink Guy before being coated in pink paint as seen in the music video for Pink Season: The Prophecy. This contradicts the Chin-Chin theory as Chin-Chin cannot talk in english and Barf Man is seen rapping in english in Who's The Sucker (MUSIC VIDEO).