Black Drone
You have a problem with me being black?
Biographical info
Full name Black Drone
Species Drone
Gender Male programming
Born Before -3,000,000,000 CH (2001)
Relative(s) White Drone (girlfriend, deceased)
Drone (possible cousin)
Residence Unknown
Political info
Affiliation Drone Council
Nationality None
Occupation Amazon Deliverer
Rank Cheater
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance WHY DRONES SUCK
Role Cheater
Actor/Actress Itself

Black Drone is a character in WHY DRONES SUCK.



Frank catches his drone ex-wife cheating with Black Drone

Black Drone was caught having drone sex with Frank's then-wife (white drone). When Frank stated that it has to be a black drone, Black Drone then came up to fight him. Instead, for strange reasons, he smacked himself into the wall, possibly killing him. Frank then violently pulled White Drone to the field just to kill her. After this happened, the Drone Council was alerted, and then chased him. Black Drone's status was remaining unknown.

It is possible that the black drone in the Drone Council is a reincarnation of Black Drone, if he actually killed himself by smaking himself into the wall. If not, it may be the same drone.



Black Drone about to fight Frank by fists

Although he's just a simple drone in black color, Black Drone does somewhat have the behavior of a stereotypical black man, similar to Negro Kintamas. He seems to be easily offended by the fact that Frank says that "OF COURSE IT HAS TO BE A BLACK DRONE!!!". He also says "nigga" a lot, and has to start the encounter with Frank with a fist fight.

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