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Episode of The Filthy Frank Show
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Season 69
Release April 20 1969
Channel Cancer
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On December 11, 2013, Frank forgot to make his daily sacrifice to the dark lord Chin-Chin. Salamander Man can be seen playing his assflute at the beginning, but it is interrupted when Safari Man asked if Frank remembered to perform his daily sacrifice. Frank had forgotten, and Chin-Chin came. Frank attempted to reason and make a deal with Chin-Chin, but Chin-Chin was not interested and reminded Frank of the incident from 3000 Chromosomes prior. That incident was when Prometheus defeated Chin-Chin, which heavily embarrassed the Dark Lord. After reminding Frank of this, Chin-Chin told Frank that he was taking Salamander Man as punishment.

It was then that Frank was desperate enough to call Lemon for help. Lemon attempted to stop Chin-Chin but was ultimately overwhelmed by Chin-Chin's ass laser powers. After believing he had won, Chin-Chin scoffed at the challenger, but Lemon quickly revived himself and regained his full consciousness.

At this point, Lemon became more powerful and even frightened Chin-Chin a little. Frank was surprised too by Lemon's hidden power, who used the ancient Lycranese technique, Lemonjutsu. Unfortunately, Lemon had not mastered the technique, and the dual attack was ineffective. Lemon was defeated.

Frank begged Chin-Chin for mercy, and even offered to sacrifice himself, but no mortal force could hold off the dark lord. Pulled out of this dimension, Salamander was taken away. Frank and Pink Guy expressed sorrow, and pleaded for our help to collect sacrifices on a global scale to please the dark lord.

The epicness continues in "FILTHY FRANK CHIN CHIN SACRIFICE".

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