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The holy trinity

Quote1.png The protégé learns from the master, the master learns from the God Quote2.png
--Fake Frank

Chef is a rank in the Filthy Frank universe that is designated to individuals with incredibly acute culinary knowledge and talent. Some famous chefs are Fake Frank himself, Maxmoefoe, iDubbbzTV, and HowToBasic, where the former considers himself the master while every other chef mentioned to this point are only mere protégés. They worship and follow the cooking God, that is, Chef Carl Casper (played by Jon Favreau) in the movie Chef, and follow every step his hands create in order to make the finest five-star meals, such as the rat quesadilla, vomit cake, and the notorious HAIR CAKE. Other famous chefs include the very underrated Red Dick and Pink Guy for cooking the ramen in "HUMAN RAMEN." It is unknown if they follow Chef Carl Casper, but Red Dick is a natural, a genius when it comes to gastronomy, while Pink Guy already proved his stance by simply cooking tons of ramen.

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