Chromosome Kid
Chromosome Kid
Biographical info
Aliases Ingredient
Species Human (deformed)
Gender DNA regarding gender missing
Residence Frank's closet
Political info
Rank Lowest, has almost no chromosomes
Miscellaneous info

Brownie video
How to bake a cake

Role Source of Chromosomes for Filthy Frank
Chromosome Kid can be seen in a few videos being kept in Frank's closet, only to be used on occasions of cooking with chromosomes and sacrifices to Chin-Chin. He escaped while Frank was busy listening to Salamander Man's assflute.


Chromosome Kid has been milked for so many chromosomes that it is impossible to tell whether it's a guy or a girl.


Little is known about Chromosome Kid. Frank once bought him from the market so that he could get some chromosomes. It lives in Frank's closet, and seems absolutely mad and with no possibility of reason. Frank once said that he took a couple of chromosomes from Chromosome Kid and that's what made him so fucking smart. When in need of chromosomes, Frank takes them from the kid, as shown when he got the ingredients to bake a cake. Frank gets the chromosomes by making Chromosome Kid spit them out.


  • C-kid once took 8000 chromosomes of his own to make some brownies, This is impossible since normal humans only have 46 chromosomes.
    • This could possibly mean that he was consuming chromosomes before Frank actually bought him in Realm 492.8888, and so he stored them inside his body while not using them corporally.
  • The only word chromosome kid says is "No".
  • C-kid never fucked an old lady.