Creepy Dude
Creepy Dude
Biographical info
Full name Chin-Chin
Aliases Creepy Dude


Species Deformed Lycra (revealed to be normal lycra with deformed skin stretched over)
Gender Male
Born 50.000CH (the beginning of chromosomes, as it was revealed to be Chin-Chin)
Residence Monoxide 12
Political info
Affiliation United Realms
Nationality Chinese (Japanese, as it was revealed to be Chin-Chin)
Rank Backround Character
Miscellaneous info
Role Spy
Creepy Dude is one of Filthy Frank's more mysterious friends. He typically wears a Matsuko Deluxe mask and a black Lycra suit. He is one of the Lycra people, and it is suspected that his deformed head is the result of an imperfect transformation into Lycra (similar to Lemon's head and Mr. Magic Man's glasses).

His first appearance was in the Harlem Shake video, where he dry humped Frank and some other weird faggots. He has also been spotted in the justgirlythings video where he and Alien Man, were naked and had been trapped in a dog cage by Frank, who let them out in order to feed them bits of chromosome cake. After that he could often be spotted as a background dancer in Santa's Brother's rap videos (in which he was seen naked swinging his dick around behind Pink Guy), and was a contestant in the Batsu Fireworks game where he along with Frank took 50 shots of fireworks up the ass. Creepy Dude has not displayed the ability to speak, although he can communicate by gestures (such as holding his head in defeat or flipping off the camera), but he typically just slithers around and occasionally strokes a part of his body like his nipples or his torso.

In "PINK GUY COOKS TAKOYAKI AND RAPS", Creepy Dude is revealed to be no other than the dark lord Chin-Chin himself. He has been in disguise, as revealed by Safari Man. He has not been seen in this disguise since.