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Dr. Sack
Dr. Sack in his office.
Dr. Sack in his office.
Biographical info
Full name Fredrick Von Scrotumhousser
Species Human
Gender Male
Relative(s) Green Cunt (Possible son)
Residence Neo-Pakistan
Political info
Affiliation Chin-Chin
Nationality Neo-Pakistani
Occupation Doctor

Realm Scavenger

Rank Civilian
Alignment Neutral
Attitude Bipolar
Abilities Psychic medical diagnosis
Able to treat otherwise incurable diseases
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance WORST FILM EVER
Quote1.png Let me get this right:
you want me to cure your naked, bald-headed man who throws up chocolate?
--Dr. Sack

Dr. Sack is an infamous doctor who lives in Realm 3009, whom Frank is sent to in the episode WORST FILM EVER, to help cure Dade's sickness. He has some affiliation with Chin-Chin, the Dark Lord being the one who sends Frank and his goons to the doctor. He also may have a fear of broccoli, as Brock Lee intimidates him more than Frank's other henchman, who wields a gun. It is implied that he has healing powers even greater than The Shaman. The fact that he's recommended by Chin-Chin himself might also suggest that he's one of the most powerful healers in all realms.  He states himself that his name is not 'Sack', but since Chin-Chin told Frank his name was Dr. Sack, that is fact. However, it should be noted that while Frank was instructed to find him in Realm 9005, he searched in Realm 3009. This means he really might be someone else. He also appears in the book Francis of the Filth.


Dr. Sack appears to be in his late 50's. He wears glasses and a suit, along with a red tie. He hides a gun under his suit jacket and holds a cane in his right hand.



PINK GUY DIES-1602302852


Dr. Sack Jr. is Dr. Sack's son,


Frank is sent to Neo-Pakistan by Chin-Chin to find Dr. Sack to help cure Dade after finding out about the doctor's expertise in treating incurable diseases, Dade's disease among the many. After Frank asks the doctor for urgent medical help for Dade's condition, he staunchly refuses as he doesn't want to roll around in Frank's filth with him, and threatens Frank and his henchmen (two black kids Chin Chin found in a parking lot) with a gun, and when they don't respond, he threatens them yet again but with his cane.


Dr. Sack wields a gun (Presumably a Walther P99 with a threaded barrel) and a much fiercer weapon - his cane. The Cane seems to be so powerful, even Frank, Pookie and Brock Lee flee at its presence.

He is psychic, seeing as he could tell that Frank wanted him to cure his naked bald-headed man who throws up chocolate.