Evil Dade
Evil dade
Bade coming through a portal in Frank's bathtub
Biographical info
Full name Bade
Aliases Evil Dade
Species Bald Chocolate Men
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Relative(s) Dade(brother)

Heinrich Himmler (possible father or father-in-law)
Filthy Frank (possible nephew or son)
Chin-Chin (possible nephew)
Willy Wonka (possible creator or sex slave)

Residence Unknown (possibly Jacksonville, Florida)
Political info
Affiliation None
Nationality African
Occupation Taking over the Omniverse
Rank God
Alignment Evil
Attitude Hostile
Abilities Chocolate energy powers


Miscellaneous info
Role Dade's evil brother
Actor/Actress Lake Markham
Where is my fucking chocolate?!

Evil Dade is a character in the Filthy Frank Show and is the evil counterpart to Dade. Both are the last of a race known as the Bald Chocolate Men. This species is only known for secreting chocolate, and being extremely potent in the Chromosomal Arts.

Evil Dade is one of the most powerful entities to be revealed in the show, as he was able to overpower Frank relatively effortlessly, Frank (possibly) having defeated Chin-Chin and his forces of evil prior to their confrontation (if the videos take place in the same canonical order as in the real world), which makes it very possible Evil Dade is stronger than Chin-Chin.


Evil Dade first appeared in the episode 7 EASY WAYS TO MAKE CHOCOLATE AT HOME and died in it as well. He was able to escape through a portal and defeated Filthy Frank. Bade was able to show his strength when Frank, Pink Guy, and Speed Lord were all unable to stop him rampaging. It was only the equally matched power of his brother that could ultimately end Bade's life. Whether or not he will come back is up to question, as his brother was able to bring himself back to life, due to his immense power. It is possible that the reason behind Evil Dade's strength is his chocolate, or rather what it is made of. It may be that this chocolate is some form of highly potent Chromosome. This would explain his use of chocolate energy as weapons, as well as why he and the rest of his race are so feared. Frank's puking of chocolate at his presence may mean that Bade couldn't control his abilities at first when he escaped the portal, but since Frank never does it again we can presume he got back to full power shortly afterwards. It may also have been caused by the portal itself somehow, distorting spacetime.  


  • Evil Dade has a lot of lazily drawn tattoos on his body, such as a mustache and a few skin wrinkles on his head, "PU$$Y HAMMER" written on his chest, an Illuminati on his stomach and "BAD BOY" written on his back.
  • The word bade in Norwegian means "to bathe", which is fitting, since Bade came to Frank's Apartment through a bathtub.