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"FF and the Crew" is the th song on the Pink Guy Album. It is about?


FF and the Crew is the twenty-third track on Pink Guy's album of the same name. It features Filthy Frank, Pink Guy, and Tony the Turd. It is 2:34 minutes in length, and is a comedic rap over a smooth strings, light muted trumpets, and woodwind section with a soulful vocal sample over steady hip hop drums.


Frank: YEAH! SHIT! TITS! Welcome to the mixtape. I'm your host for tonight, Filthy Frank. Yeah, Yeah, I shot your Mom in the dick. I'm an over-sized midget with a bucket of shit. Yeah, I like to pee on that one kid who hung your dog from a tree. I'm not racist. I just don't like people's skin darker than mine, and people who pray to shrines. 'Cause they're dirty, they walk around barefoot, and they have no vaccine's. I like women, don't get me wrong, But ain't nothing wrong with a good old fashioned dick. You can find me outside with a white van having sex with a pigeon, man. Yeah, and when I'm done with the pigeon, I'll let it fly back to the jungle. (Pigeon Noise). Yeah, and it's easy to see, Filthy Frank Crew takin' over MTV. Yeah, You know who it is. I got the whole crew with us tonight. Pink Guy, let's go.

Pink Guy: Hey yo Boku, Dakarane Boku wa Pinku Guy dayo, itsumo, hitotore isumundayo, boku wa nan ji gan de daisuki brrurururur(?) tsuru ga ne, umumumu daisuki dayo, boku wa downsyndrome dayo, dakare, issho ni rap tsuru ka? issho ni tsuru yo gharbruhghgh. Yeah, it's Pink Guy up in this bitch. YEEEAAAHHHHH! Let's go. Yo, it's Pink Guy, if you mess with me, you gon' get pink eye. 'Cause your mouth is near my anus. 'Cause you mouth is near my anus.

Frank: How do you like that? We got the whole crew up in here tonight. And I got you a special guest, Tony the Turd. Let's go.

Tony: (Gibberish) Yeah, Tony the Turd. I fuck women a lot. I like it, it's nice.

Frank: Yeah, that's definitely a stroke. MEDIC! MEDIC! Shit, CPR.


The backing track is "Keep Reaching For The Stars", by the producer, hala-X on For a free download, click here. The background vocals sing: "From some dreams, you may never be free, so go on, keep reaching for the stars".


  • Someone is laughing at 0:38 after Frank delivers the line: "There ain't nothing wrong with a good old fashion dick"
  • This is the first, and only, mention of the 'special guest', Tony the Turd.