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Fake Frank
There will be a war.
There will be a war.
Biographical info
Full name Frank Fischbet
Aliases Filthy Frank
Impostor Frank
Fake Francis
Guy Fieri
The Devil
The Ramen

Kamikaze Failure Frank (uncanny resemblance)

Species Human
Gender Male
Born bad net
Relative(s) Max (wife)
Heinrich Himmler (supposed grandfather)
Ethan (ex-husband)
Residence Hell
Political info
Affiliation Chin-Chin
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Frank Impersonator

Self-proclaimed vegetable rights activist
Chin-Chin henchman

Rank Protagonist (formerly)

Secondary antagonist

Alignment Chaotic neutral
Attitude BAD
Abilities Possesses several of real Frank's abilities
Miscellaneous info
Role Temporary protagonist

Major antagonist

Actor/Actress George "Joji" Miller
Quote1.png So you think you got me huh? Well nothing's gonna stop my army of rats! Yeah! Quote2.png
--Fake Frank's last words

Fake Frank was a major villain within the Filthy Frank Show. He was a less powerful shadow of Filthy Frank who worshiped Chin-Chin as a god of the shadow realm and was notoriously paid in Chromosomes by the dark lord to impersonate the real Frank, who was banished to the rice fields at the time. Fake Frank was mortally wounded and presumably killed by Mr. Negi Generation 3000 in FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN.


Fake eyes.png

As a lesser shadow of Filthy Frank, Fake Frank is nearly identical to him, save for Fake Frank's tendency to wear Spider-Man sunglasses instead of regular glasses, as well as an aviator cap to hide his large afro. After he misplaces his sunglasses, he switches to wearing goggles temporarily. While his eyes are normally hidden, they were shown in "WHITE PEOPLE CLUB" for a brief moment, and in "Kamikaze Shots | 神風ショット" after he snorts salt.


In comparison to the real Frank, Fake Frank shares most of his personality traits, retarded tendencies and peculiar noises. However, Fake Frank has a few traits of his own that are distinguishable from the real Frank:

  • Fake Frank worships Chin Chin and readily follows his orders, as opposed to the real Frank who began to defy and denounce Chin Chin. This is evidenced by his irritation over Pink Guy messing with the Tap Brothers in "LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS 5", stating that Chin Chin would not be pleased with the Lycra's actions.
    • The reason for Fake Frank's devotion towards Chin Chin is likely his status as a less powerful shadow of the real Frank, and that Fake Frank was either too weak to resist Chin Chin's control or was born of an era where the real Frank did not begin to defy Chin Chin.
  • Fake Frank refers to himself as "immortal" in "IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO", while the real Frank claims he is just a "mortal with a few extra chromosomes" in "ADAM SANDLER CONSPIRACY THEORY".
    • This could just be boasting on Fake Frank's part, but he was, however, able to withstand Roast Lord's first Negi Method, suggesting that he does possess an incredible level of durability, if not actual immortality.
  • Fake Frank despises animals more than the real Frank, as evidenced by his early wave of "animal abuse" videos (ex. ILLEGAL CRAWFISH RACING OLYMPICS, RAT CHEF, etc.).
  • Fake Frank prefers the presence of other human beings to the presence of Lycras, while the real Frank typically enjoys interacting with his Lycra buddies. This is evidenced by his various interactions with individuals such as the Shrimpsons Boys, Ian, Wheelz, and others.
    • Further evidence for this distinction is provided by Pink Guy's contrasting attitudes towards Fake Frank and the real Frank. Pink Guy is much friendlier to the real Frank and actually enjoys his company, which made it easy for him to distinguish Fake Frank from the real one as an impostor, as well as being a hateful asshole to Fake Frank on the daily, knowing that he was not his friend.
  • Fake Frank has contracted 26 venereal diseases in 2015. This is potentially less than what the real Frank has contracted.
  • Fake Frank prefers to use various vehicles as modes of transportation between realms, as opposed to the empowered, real Frank's smoke portals. This is likely due to Fake Frank's inferior abilities (though it should be mentioned that the real Frank was able to transport himself through realms before being empowered).


During the end of "TOILET SRIRACHA SHRIMP", Fake Frank makes his first appearance when greeting both Pink Guy and Red Dick, hoping to taste the dish in question. However, Pink Guy quickly realizes that Fake Frank is an impostor and dumps the food in the trash can with Red Dick's help, much to Fake Frank's dismay.

From this point on, Fake Frank attempts to continue to the channel, making most of 2015 and 2016's videos in the real Frank's place. However, Pink Guy's suspicion is not dampened, and he continues to be harsh in his interactions with Fake Frank, once even before the video "A WAR IS COMING..." which is where he supposedly begins to suspect that the real Frank is out there somewhere. Towards the end of the video "PEOPLE I HATE," he exposes the fact that Fake Frank is in fact complaining on the internet that he hates complaining on the internet, and despite Fake Frank telling him to stop (since the camera is still on), Pink Guy's moans of hypocrisy only grow louder, leaving Fake Frank hurt to go turn the camera off. In "I HATE FACEBOOK," he refers to Fake Frank as "asshole" despite being great friends with real Frank, after he tells him to run, he whispers to him "I hate you" the same way he whispered "you're an imposter" upon first meeting him.

Fake Frank's cover is blown again in "I HATE VEGANS." At the very end of the episode after the outro, Veggie Cunt deciphers through sniffing the air that the Frank before him was an impostor, and that he didn't want the Peace Lords to find out. Fake Frank ominously replies that "there will be a war", realizing that his false identity could not keep him safe much longer and that battle would soon be upon him.

During this time, Fake Frank marries Max in the video "HUMAN CAKE". He then almost immediately attempts to have an affair with Chad, leading to Max beating the shit out of him.

In CHIN CHIN'S RETURN, the real Frank claims that Chin-Chin sent the impersonator to pose as the real Frank "to keep the illusion that everything was okay."

Fake Frank's premonition of war came true during "FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN", in which he used a helicopter and a small toy car to reach Realm 90 in order to recruit Wheelz, but was forced to win a game of basketball against him in order to gain his help. Fake Frank lost horribly, and amidst Wheelz's mocking ("Steph Curry, my ass!"), he mocked his disability and sicced his army of rats on Wheelz to shut him up.

Atop Jew Central, Fake Frank confronted the real Frank, claiming that they have met again and revealing that Chin Chin had paid him with chromosomes to side with him. Unfortunately, upon the arrival of Roast Lord (Mr. Negi Generation 3000), Fake Frank tells him to shut up and is roasted to near-death, further damaged by induced flashbacks of Wheelz's mocking. Despite surviving, Fake Frank is incapacitated for the rest of the battle. Once Chin Chin flees, Fake Frank gets back up and brings out his rat army in a last-ditch attempt to defeat the real Frank, but Roast Lord simply hits him with the Negi Method a second time, finally roasting Fake Frank to apparent death.

Meme Status


Fake Frank has become well-known for his use of a green screen which he included as a downloadable package for people to use. This package included things like "It's time to stop" and "IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO." This is used in many videos, especially videos on YouTube. This was used by Fake Frank to distance the fans further away from Real Frank and make himself the real icon of the show.


  • It should be noted that, in I HATE VEGANS, Fake Frank claimed he wouldn't eat vegetables, while, in PINK GUY COOKS STIR FRY AND RAPS, the real Frank showed enthusiasm over Pink Guy's stir fry.
  • Fake Frank seems to have a thing for boy pussy, given his affectionate mention of the bodily part in POKEMON GO IS THE END OF HUMANITY. This might also be part of the reason he married Max, alongside his "trap attire."
  • For unknown reasons, Fake Frank can sometimes be seen with his shirt covered in blood. This is likely due to the order that the films were taken, rather than having to actually do with the storyline.
  • Despite being described as a weaker shadow of Real Frank, Fake Frank was able to survive atleast 1 roast from Mr. Negi Generation 3000; said roast applied approximately 4669 kilosome's of straight fire directly to Fake Frank's dignity. What this implies about Real Frank's power is unknown.
  • The Hair Under Fake Frank's Hat is an Afro as seen in LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS 4
  • In I HATE FACEBOOK, Fake Frank revealed that he drinks a lot of his own cum, as he claims that it tastes like Slim Jim.
  • In I HATE FACEBOOK, Fake Frank has an extreme gas attack which he said came from "the undertow". After saying this, he breaks into Linkin Park's single Numb, implying that he is a fan of the band.
  • In VOMIT CAKE, in the first part of the video, Real Frank appeared to do the intro. However, Fake Frank appeared in the rest of the video. It is unknown if both were the same person, as it is possible that Fake Frank felt uncomfortable wearing the real Frank's glasses, and so he possibly dumped them and wore his Spider-Man sunglasses for the rest of the video.
  • Fake Frank owned an airfield until his death, which is later taken over by Pink Guy.
  • In PEOPLE I HATE Fake Frank reveals he hates people who self diagnose.




So you think you got me huh? Well nothing's gonna stop my army of rats! Yeah

There will be a war.