Filthy Frank Ph.D's Research Lab
Dr. Filthy
Frank at Section 3 of the lab.
Vital statistics
Type Building
Level Unknown
Location Bautista in New York City
Inhabitants PolitikZ (test subject)
Dade (while being researched)
The Filthy Frank Ph.D. Research Lab is a laboratory located in the Chin-Chin territory of Bautista in Realm 6.2 where Dr. Filthy Frank performs scientific research and observations on pandemics such as the Pseudo Internet Rapper Phase and its victims. The lab is funded by the Westboro Baptist Church (among others; Elon Musk personally funded Frank's research into Adam Sandler), but it is unknown why the Dark Lord shares a fraction of his multi-dimensional territory with Frank for his work.

Dr. Filthy's subjects include 15 year old faggots with no musical talent who have been violently kidnapped from their homes(for research, we swear). This includes PolitikZ, a young artist dedicated to the return of "real hip-hop". Frank's lack of results in this field resulted in a period of suspension for the project.

Due to the horrifying nature of the subjects of Frank's research, the lab's toilets are often used to dispose of such disgusting things as Frank's vomit and the word MIXTAPE written on a white sheet of paper on a clipboard, always with the toilet already containing urine(for whatever reason).

In WORST FILM EVER (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL), Frank returns to the lab to try and develop an antidote for Dade's disease, but to no avail. After his quest to find other means to cure him(the Shaman’s spiritual methods) failed, he returns here again to try more research, when the lab is attacked by Racist Santa, who wants to kill Dade and harvest his rare chocolate. Frank's henchman Brock Lee scares off Racist Santa and protects Dade, but in vain as Dade dies from his illness moments later.


The official b0ss logo of the lab

In ADAM SANDLER CONSPIRACY THEORY, we learn that for years, Frank, alongside a researcher, have used the lab to try to discover the secret behind Adam Sandler and why he is such a terrible actor. The hypothesis they come up with is he is doing this on purpose. Their research was so psychologically harrowing that it caused Frank to be physically sick. It is not until after many years that Frank stumbles upon the truth: that Adam Sandler is a higher being messing with lesser beings for resources and fun. They are soon ambushed by the League of Shitty Actors(LSA) and Frank temporarily looses a hand, but Nicholas Cage(not part of the league, is genuine shit) saves him.

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