These are the Filthy Frank Wiki rules and guidelines. Before editing or leaving a comment or a message on a message wall, you must read and abide by these rules. If you do not follow these, you will be banned.



  1. You must be 13 to have an account here as per Wikia's Terms of Use. Any users caught under 13 will be banned until they are 13.
  2. Keep swearing to a minimal, unless you are using words said on The Filthy Frank Show. Excessive profanity will get you banned from this wikia.
  3. No advertising inappropriate images and/or videos, including pornography, unless the images/videos are explicitly from the show. This is the most important rule.

Article Editing/Creating

  1. Vandalism is absolutely not allowed. This is very simple.
  2. Do not plagiarize. In most cases, this is illegal.
  3. No pornography/nude images is allowed unless it is contained in an official Filthy Frank video. Any pictures that contain inappropriatness will be removed from the article.
  4. Do not add any information that has nothing to do with Filthy Frank unless you are making a reference.
  5. Do not add any opinions in any articles.
  6. Make sure you use proper English and grammar.
  7. Do not use article pages as a chat page.