Filthy Shit
Episode of The Filthy Frank Show
Filthy Shit
Season 1
Episode 1 (Overall: 1)
Release date August 5, 2011
Channel DizastaMusic
Characters involved Filthy Frank
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Filthy Shit

Filthy Shit


Filthy Shit was the first episode of The Filthy Frank Show. It was uploaded on August 5, 2011.


Filthy Frank recalls a time where he once took a shit with no toilet paper. Having explosive diarrhea, he leaves to get some toilet paper, only to find feces splattered on his walls, floors, and ceiling.

Video description

Official Filthy Frank Description
This is the official description of the video.

I made a bet with a friend where If I can get this video to over 10,000 views, I can punch him in the nuts as hard as I can. So help us out! I explore the wonders of explosive diarrhea and tell a story about my encounters. Once again, I apologize. There have been technical problems and what not. SEX. IM A BIG FAGGOT.


  • Filthy Frank possesses explosive diarrhea.
  • This is generally regarded to be the first episode of the Filthy Frank Show, even though it is not the first video uploaded to the DizastaMusic channel.