Please kill me!!!!
Beta Fish
Screenshot 20170810-215550
Biographical info
Aliases Frank's Beta Fish

Suicidal Fish

Species Beta Fish
Gender Male (possibly)
Born Unknown
Relative(s) Filthy Frank (owner)
Residence Chin Chin Hazard Bunker 19
Political info
Affiliation None
Nationality Unknown
Rank Suicidal
Miscellaneous info
Role Pet
Actor/Actress Itself
Frank's Beta Fish is a pet fish that has been held captive in the Chin Chin Hazard Bunker 19 by Frank while hiding from Chin-Chin with Red Dick. The only word that he was heard saying is "Please kill me!!!!", with a voice simalr than David Attenborough. He was seen living in a wine glass, as Frank was goofing around him. Although he sounds like David Attenborough, it is possible that this beta fish is, in fact, David Attenborough himself in a fish form, but then he was stuck inside this fish's brain, which it seems like he was freed after when the beta fish itself died.