Frank's Stepfather
Biographical info
Full name Banana
Aliases Frank's Dad
Species Banana
Gender Male
Born Unknown (possibly born in Chloroplast 7)
Relative(s) Frank (as Frank believed that he is his father)
Residence Frank's Apartment
Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank (formerly)

Winnie the Pooh

Miscellaneous info
First Appearance PUSSY MASTER


Actor/Actress Itself
Frank's Stepfather was a minor character who appeared in "PUSSY MASTER." He was verbally abusing Frank, which subsequently led to Frank attacking (and possibly killing) him.


While searching for his dad, Frank found a banana who he believed to be his real father. For an unknown amount of time, He lived with Frank. One day, he began verbally abusing Frank about his sex life which angered Frank. He picked up his Stepfather and went on a tirade about how he "doesn't get the pussy, the pussy gets him!" Suddenly, Frank realized that the only reason that he berated him about pussy was because he knew nothing about pussy himself. Frank, angered that his so-called "Dad" didn't know about pussy, bit (and possibly killed) him in a fit of rage. After this, Frank's Stepfather, if not dead, was thrown out of the apartment.

Somehow, he appeared back again in "《420 BLAZE IT》IN JAPANESE (JAPANESE 101)" where he is accompanied with Winnie the Pooh to kill Frank, right after he smoked a joint of Malaysia Airlines. Instead, Banana killed Pink Guy.

Major Battles

  • Frank vs. Banana (Outcome: Won)
  • Frank and Pink Guy vs. Winnie the Pooh and Banana (Outcome: Won)