Gary the Mushroom
Biographical info
Full name Gary The Mushroom
Species Fungus
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Residence Unknown
Political info
Affiliation Santa (possibly)
Nationality Arctic (possibly)
Occupation Unknown
Rank Creeper
Miscellaneous info
Role Ejaculating semen
Actor/Actress Itself
Gary the Mushroom is a character who appeared in "Filthy Frank Christmas Special". Not much is known about him.


He is a phallic shaped fungus with, what appears to be, pubic like hairs sprouting from the testicle shaped bottom. He wears a Christmas hat and has a beard (also possibly made out of pubic hair). He also has arms and legs.

It appears that Gary the Mushroom was perverting on Frank while he was sleeping naked in the bathroom's shower. It is thought that Gary was going to rape Frank (possibly raping him by penetrating him in the ass, by putting his head first inside), as he is, in fact, a penis with limbs.

It is unknown if Gary the mushroom is affiliated to Santa Claus or that himself is a Santa, as a fact that he has a beard and he wears a Christmas beanie. He also seems to be pedophilic like Racist Santa and Steve Harvey.