Biographical info
Full name Gatekeeper
Species Unknown (possibly a god)
Gender Gender Fluid
Political info
Affiliation Friend of Frank
Occupation Protects realms
Rank Gatekeeper
Miscellaneous info
Role Protector of Realms
Actor/Actress N/A, Voice actor: George "Joji" Miller
Quote1.png What the fuck you think I said, bitch? You gotta smell that sriracha shrimp, boy! Quote2.png
--'The Gatekeeper', to Filthy Frank.

The Gatekeeper is the protector of the Realms in the Filthy Frank Omniverse. They are a being with no body. The gatekeeper seems to have weapons for sale, as seen in Loser reads Hater Comments 4. They are a living portal as seen when they gave the shotgun to Frank as mentioned before. Not much is known about this mysterious being. other than they are Frank's friend.


While most of his powers are unknown, those that have been presented by the gatekeeper consist of being able to summon sentient beings and prepare them for a task at will, as he did with Red Dick In TOILET SRIRACHA SHRIMP. The Gatekeeper is also capable of bringing physical objects through his portal at will, as presented when he saved Fake Frank's life in Realm 305 (The Hood Realm) When two Black gamblers ganged up on him with a knife by providing him with a shotgun, giving Fake Frank the upper hand.


  • "Yo, I heard the Peace Lords are after you or some shit. Man, the fuck’d you do?!"
  • "Man, shut the fuck up!"
  • "Now I don't know where the fuck Pink Guy is, but I can help you find his coordinates. You gotta use the sense of smell, man!"
  • "Ain't one of your dumbass friends a gourmet chef or some shit?"
  • "We gotta summon that motherfucker in the sky!"
  • "Red Dick in the Sky, I summon you to find Pink Guy!"
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