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"Frank, what is this?"

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HUMAN CAKE is the last of the Cake Trilogy videos, uploaded to the TVFilthyFrank channel on August 3, 2016. The video features Maxmoefoe, HowToBasic, and IDubbbzTV as assistant chefs to Frank, and also features Youtubers Jacksepticeye, Jontron, makemebad35, JoeySalads, KSI, PewDiePie, Anthony Fantano, and Vsauce.

On August 11, 2020, it was removed from Youtube by a bunch of cunts.


Max and iDubbbz are driving through the woods singing "That's Amore" by Dean Martin, with Frank riding on the car's roof. All of them are holding pizzas. They eventually reach Max's house, where they crash into a table where Fat Cunt (Anything4Views) is gorging himself on snacks. A montage of the previous Cake videos are then shown.


After all of the ingredients are gathered, Chefs Frank, Max and Ian get to work in preparing their cake, with HowToBasic and Mr. Pirate Man assisting. While preparing their cake, the Protégé drinks and vomits all of the milk used, similar to his mixing technique used in the first Cake video. They then add all of the ingredients they had harassed Youtubers for: piss from JoeySalads, chewed banana from Jontron, pubic hair from Jacksepticeye and KSI, toenail clippings from makemebad35 and Anthony Fantano, and ass hair from PewDiePie. They then went to Vsauce (who was sleeping outside with a bag of garbage), who gave interesting spit facts while they collected saliva from him. Then the cake was done.

OAL C8.gif

With the cake iced and decorated, Max and Frank got married, with Fat Cunt the only one objecting. After drinking a shitload of alcohol, everyone started eating cake. Everyone but Frank and Julian threw up.

After consummating their marriage in the backyard shed, Frank got accused of being a cheating bastard after kissing Fat Cunt. He landed on the vomit-covered table after being tackled by his new wife.

On August 11, 2020, the video was removed by retards for "violating Youtube's policy on violent or graphic content"

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