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HURSHES KiSess.png
Biographical info
Full name HURSHEUS KiSessUs
Aliases Tinfoil man
Species Haired Chocolate Man (Hershey's subset)
Gender Male
Residence Streets
Political info
Affiliation New Friends Crew
Nationality American
Occupation Homeless
Miscellaneous info
Role Franku's friend, minor character
Actor/Actress Jordan

"HURSHES KiSess (pronounced hur-sheez kiss-ess) is a character who first appeared in "NOISE COMPLAINTS". Along with Dade and Black Friend, they form the dangerous, autistic trio of Frank's "New Friends".

HURSHES KiSess appears to be an insane meta-human being that wears a Hershey's Kisses wrapper, obviously because he is the one true Hershey's Kiss, and dons a pair of black boxer-pants. His main feature is the word "HURSHES KiSess" is written on his chest, not to mention he is extremely sexy.


Hurshes KiSess was either born or altered in Hershey, Pennsylvania. At some point he traveled to Japan in search of a better life.

After he was voted off the island by his friends, Frank went to go find new friends. After searching far and wide, he found Hurshes KiSess wandering the streets of Japan and decided to bring him along since he had experience dealing with Chocolate Men. After recruiting Hurshes KiSess, Dade and Black Friend, Frank went back to confront his old friends in his apartment. What Frank didn't know is that having all those clowns in the same room together is a terrible idea. The chaos that ensued forced Frank to make an executive decision and forced his new friends to leave.

Unlike the other two members of the New Friends Crew, no one knows where Hurshes KiSess went after he left the apartment.


  • He is able to spit out chocolate from his mouth, which proves his status as a Chocolate man.


  • In Filthy Frank's video "First Day Of School," he mentions how he met a new kid named "Jordan," in which he whispered subtle things to say to their psychology teacher into his ear. It is speculated to be the same "Jordan" as HURSHES KiSess, which leads to the conclusion that it's probably where Filthy Frank and HURSHES KiSess first met in real life.

The first appearance of HURSHES KiSess.