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Chris Smith
Real howtobasic.png
Biographical info
Aliases HTB
Species Human
Gender Male
Born July 8, 1996
Relative(s) George Smith (Father)

Anna Isabella (Mother) Maria Smith (2nd Child Sister) Olive Smith (3rd Child Sister)

Residence Southern Realm 6.2. Perth, Australia
Political info
Nationality Australian
Occupation YouTuber, Chef
Rank Chef
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance VOMIT CAKE
Role Assistant Cook
Cake Decorator
Actor/Actress Unknown
Quote1.png *Unintelligible gibberish* Quote2.png
--Everything that comes out of HowToBasic's mouth.

HowToBasic is one of the five greatest chefs in the world, alongside Filthy Frank, MaxmoefoeIDubbbzTV, and Red Dick . He appears in all three cooking episodesVOMIT CAKE, HAIR CAKE, and HUMAN CAKE, where he filmed and helped the crew bake cakes. He is theorized to be the most powerful being in the omniverse, even above Peace Lords, though he never acts upon anything, just messing around most of the time, as he is friends with Frank, Ian, Chad, and Max.


HowToBasic has not revealed his true identity yet, saying it makes him "more mysterious". Fans have attempted to find him in Max's videos, yet still little is known about his identity. A fan theory is that he is just a large raw chicken with arms and legs. Despite all this, he has done an interview before. He only did the interview on the condition that his voice pitch was altered and his face was censored, so his true identity is unknown.

He employs the use of eggs as his trademark item, which is also seen in Vomit Cake when he throws eggs at Frank. In his own videos, he throws and breaks eggs often, and probably has an egg fetish.

On Friday the 13, 2015, he reappeared in the "HAIR CAKE" episode as the cameraman, again.

HowToBasic nominated Frank to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and possibly appeared in the video.

HowToBasic has also made a Chin-Chin Sacrifice with Maxmoefoe, in which they gave birth to Negative Chin Chin and burned shit in Max's backyard.



  • He has an egg fetish.
  • Filthy Frank has mentioned in his tweet that HowToBasic is actually his own father, Dade. However, this has yet to be confirmed by HowToBasic himself.
  • He, as well as Frank, MaxMoeFoe, and Dolan Därk is part of the SHRIMPSON BOYS.