What good is the meat... without a little seasoning?
Human Ramen

Francis in his Ramen bath.

Human Ramen is a food created by Filthy Frank through his research. The food is prepared by boiling large amounts of ramen, and using human subjects as meat. It has been calculated as the absolute best ramen known to mankind, but due to the unethical use of human meat, it has been widely protested all over the world by the leaders of the world's powers. In the video, HUMAN RAMEN, Frank uses himself as meat for the ramen. The ramen is so good, It might even rival that of the legendary Gordon Ramsey.


The ingredients needed to make Human Ramen are as follows:

  • 40+ packs of Top Ramen noodles
  • Sauce packets
  • Vegetables (Broccoli, Leeks, etc.)
  • One Human

You will need a bathtub and water to boil the noodles and meat in as well.


  1. Fill a bathtub with Ramen
  2. Let it boil
  3. Have subject enter ramen bath (subject can be dead or alive, but be sure to restrain them if they are alive to prevent escape.)
  4. After a minute or so of soaking, add the Seasoning.
  5. Throw the vegetables into bath
  6. Taste the ramen. If you do not instinctively begin devouring the ramen like a mad man, Let it simmer for another half hour.
  7. Look cool as heck**

**Only do step 7 if you yourself are the meat subject. There is a strange and miraculous effect that occurs when the subject becomes ramen at their own will. They immediately gain impecabile skills with ladies, and can get mad pusi. If you try to look cool as heck without being the subject, you could potentially frighten your girl and ruin any chance of losing your virginity.