Biographical info
Aliases Filthy Frank
Species Kokujin
Gender Male
Political info
Affiliation Unnamed Gang
Nationality Congolese
Occupation College Student
Miscellaneous info
Role Black Man
Jamal is one of Filthy Frank's kokujin friends and roommate during his college days when Frank went to study Severe Internet Retardation and education in Congo. Jamal is no longer an active character of The Filthy Frank Show.


Filthy Frank

Frank was in his good books as they were college roommates. He was kind enough to allow Frank to join in on his underground rap battles and freestyles, despite Frank having a bad experience with Black freestyling.

Pink Guy

When I get back, you better not be here or imma fuck that ass up. No homo.
It was continually shown that Jamal and Pink Guy had a conflicting relationship, as they would never get along and would constantly disagree with each other. Jamal even bullies him, throwing Pink Guy around his old dorm and breaking his home furnishings.