かんちょう in JAPANESE 101

かんちょう is the art of pranking people by poking your fingers very fast into your victim's asshole. This is featured in Filthy Frank's Japanese 101 segment.


Kancho means enema or shit needle as a translation or definition. It's a prank that mostly little kids do to each other and their parents and/or teachers. It has strong roots stemming from Japan. Not only it is enjoyed a lot by Japanese kids, but this is also enjoyed a lot by Korean kids and Filipino kids.

How to do it

Frank says that this is something very hard to do. He claims that he practiced for ages to do that. He claims that your fingers must go very fast into the "Pacific Rim" because:

  1. If your fingers go directly into your victim's asshole, he will fall to the ground, moan and have constant anal pain for a couple hours and it may result in bleeding.
  2. If you fail, you will definitely break your fingers.

Frank claims that this needs a lot of practice to do it right. He mentions as an example a bag of flour as an ideal object of practice, and so you must draw a circle on it. He says that if you can pierce it right in the circle, you're ready to go. If not, you must continue practicing your aim and your speed.

However, there's a separate term in Japanese that sounds similar to describe the enhanced version of Kancho, such as Kanchou (カンチョウ~), which increases the speed, power, and effectiveness of this gesture, and would be possibly bloodier if the standard version of it is already bloody enough for the victim.

The dark side

For strange reasons, there's a dimension in Realm 6 that carries the same name, such as カンチョー, which is a place that you certainly won't go, since it is worse than hell, due to the fact that people will butt-rape each other, which has now become a bloody sport. The worst of this is that people will mostly butt-rape strangers, as a form of greetings. This is due to Chin-Chin overtaking the entirety of Realm 6, which before he took possession of this dimension, Kancho was just a fun past time.

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