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"Frank, what is this?"

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Quote1.png They call this shit Malaysia Airlines because once you get some of this, you're fucking gone dude!!!! You're fucking gone!!!! Quote2.png
--Frank explaining the effects of his drug vegetables

Frank with rare drugs that look like lettuce, as he claims people call it Malaysia Airlines, in "《420 BLAZE IT》IN JAPANESE (JAPANESE 101)"

Malaysia Airlines is a name given to some drugs by some people who told this to Frank. It is basically a vegetable that looks like lettuce, except it is a completely different plant. It is basically referencing to Flight MH370, which is suspected that it vanished in the South China Sea by magic. Frank personally calls it "Maridjuanee" or "Maridjuanal", as it gives the same effects as Marijuana, but stronger, and could possibly lead to death from only one shot, as Marijuana is obviously illegal. Pink Guy somehow got it with a set of other drug vegetables that look like carrots, which is unknown if these "carrots" give stronger effects or weaker effects than the "lettuce" (possibly harvested from a private farm owned by Chin-Chin in Chloroplast 7). Frank then proceeded to combine both drugs, rolled up together into a joint and smoked it. As a result, he fused with Jingle Balls, he saw Plastic Pinocchio on his furniture, and Winnie the Pooh and banana came to kill both Frank and Pink Guy, saying that this is the result of doing drugs. Banana then proceeds to kill both people but then only kills Pink Guy. Frank then cried and said: "Kids, don't do drugs. Because you'll end up enjoying this show."

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