Meme Plague

Realm 6.2 during the Scourge of the Meme Plauge

ENOUGH! Who's responsible for this biological warfare?! It's Russia, isn't it?
- Filthy Frank after experiencing some of the Meme Plague's effects.

The Meme Plague is an epidemic, brought to Realm 6.2 by Mr. Magic Man. The afflicted slowly begin to turn into twelve-year olds who are obsessed with Call of Duty and memes. Mr. Magic Man, the creator of this disease, has harnessed its capabilities and uses it to spawn powerful Rage Comics to attack those who would oppose him. It appears that this disease has affected Dolan Dark.

It is unknown if the Meme Plague is extinguished, as the disease never came back to Frank's Apartment, since Frank called upon the Based God to lure it away along with Mr. Magic Man.