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Nicolas Cage
Biographical info
Full name Nicolas Kim Coppola
Aliases Nic(k) Cage
Species Inter-dimesional being
Gender Male
Born January 7, 1964
Political info
Affiliation The League of Shitty Actors (generally assumed)
Nationality American
Occupation (shitty) Actor
Miscellaneous info

ASK FRANK #5 (voice)

Actor/Actress Himself
No not the bees!
- one of Nic Cage's greatest one-liners

The Saving of Filthy Frank

On September 14th, 2015, Filthy Frank was confirmed to have been attacked by the League of Shitty Actors (LSA), including Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Owen Willson.  He believed that if he defended himself with a belt, he will have surely been victorious, but failed. Cage emerged from his sewer home in order to fend off the attack with his power of the bees, which saved Frank. But Frank found out that Nick was not in the LSA, and as a result, he told him to "get the fuck out of his house" and Cage departed through Frank's window.


Shitty acting

As well as Sandler, James and Wilson, Nicholas Cage has a reputation of making his movies shit due to the fact that he is shit.

The bees

With his experience, Nick Cage can summon bees to attack humans and even celestial beings such as Adam Sandler.


Frank: "N-Nicolas Cage?! What are you doing here? Are you in the League?"

Nicolas: "There's a league?"

Frank: "Oh eh, you're just shit.....You're genuinely shit."