Frank's Dad
Biographical info
Full name Orange
Aliases Frank's father
Species Orange
Gender Male
Born Unknown (possibly born in Chloroplast 7)
Relative(s) Frank (as Frank believed that he is his father)
Residence Frank's Apartment
Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance BASED ON A TRUE STORY
Role Frank's Father
Actor/Actress Itself

Orange was a recurring character on the DizastaMusic channel, who Filthy Frank originally believed Orange was his father. 


When Orange talked to Frank, Frank asked him who the fuck was he, and then Orange replied by saying that he's his father. Frank refused to believe he was born from an orange and claims that Dade is his real father. When Pink Guy comes into the room, Orange did greetings to him, but Pink Guy, scared from the fact that he sees a talking orange, just grabs him and molests him. Frank pleaded him not to kill his dad, but eventually Pink Guy kills Orange by smacking him into the wall. Frank, then, was satisfied prior to his death and started screaming along with Pink Guy, Salamander Man and Safari Man. Even Creepy Dude started to dance afterwards.

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