Oscar the Grouch
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Biographical info
Full name Oscar the Grouch
Aliases Mr. Trash
Species Puppet
Gender Male
Born November 10, 1969
Residence Streets in New York City (presumed)
Political info
Affiliation Sesame Street
Nationality American
Occupation Kids Show Entertainer/Actor
Rank Richer than David Attenborough
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance Phone Call to Sesame Street


Role Minor Character
Actor/Actress Himself

Oscar the Grouch is a minor character who appeared in "Phone Call to Sesame Street" and "THE FILTHY FRANK SHOW #7 (PUBES:VEGETABLES)". He is, in fact, a puppet from Sesame Street who is known to be Mr. Trash, according to kids.


Oscar wandered around the streets when he encountered a phone that was in a pile of trash. He then tried to call someone (it is unknown if he actually knows Frank), as it is possible that the phone doesn't have any battery. He then ends up calling Frank, who was sleeping at his desk. Frank then starts to insult him, such as calling him a piece of lil' green shit, a lil' Colombian anal hair and an Arabian dick ring, and ordering him to pick the corn from his shit and put it in his mouth, suck his Nigerian black dick and pull a big falafel out of his ass or something. He then screams to him that he only watches Sesame Street because he calls everyone in the show a bunch of dysfuctional retards. Oscar then came to an agreement to never call Frank again.

Later, during the Sesame Street alphabet, Oscar claimed to have given too much acid to a worm, as the worm was seen screaming like he consumed very strong drugs. Elmo then said to him: "Now, how high are you right now???" The worm then said: "I'm trippin' balls nigga!!!!!" Elmo then exclaims: "OHHHHHH YYEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!"