Plastic Pinocchio
Plastic Pinocchio
Chin-Chin's Right-Hand Man.
Biographical info
Full name Plastic Pinocchio
Species Lycra
Gender Likely male
Political info
Affiliation Chin-Chin

PornHub (possibly)

Nationality Asian
Occupation Underboss
Rank Chin-Chin's henchman
Alignment Bad
Abilities Telepathy
Miscellaneous info
Role (unknown), probably Chin-Chin's ambassador
Actor/Actress George "Joji" Miller
Why do you care about Salamander Man so much? You're quite powerful. It's not like you need him.
- Plastic Pinocchio, questioning Filthy Frank's relationship with Salamander Man.

Plastic Pinocchio is one of Chin Chin's main servants. He is also one of the few entities in Realm 6.2 that speaks English quite fluently. He makes his first appearance in "FILTHY FRANK CHIN CHIN SACRIFICE ", and later returns in "Japanese 101: 420 blaze it" and "PINK GUY COOKS TAKOYAKI AND RAPS".

Plastic Pinocchio has corporeal features including a gray, shiny lycra body, his head always held low to the ground, and a face that resembles an okame mask. Despite what his name may imply, he is probably not made of plastic. He bears no similarities or relations to his namesake, Pinocchio. In most of his appearances, his actions would seem to point to the notion that he suffers from severe mental retardation. However, he is highly intelligent and capable of communicating telepathically.


During the days leading up to Christmas Day in 2000 CH AD, Chin-Chin kidnapped Salamander Man and took him to the Rock-Paper-Scissors Arena due to Frank's lack of sacrifices. On Christmas Day, Frank and Red Dick had finalized their rescue plan and were about to leave when Plastic Pinocchio appeared on their fridge. After questioning Frank on his motives for rescuing Salamander Man, Frank told him to suck a dick and left.

While smoking that herb one day, Frank realized that his kush was laced and began to hallucinate. One of his many hallucinations involved Plastic Pinocchio.

When Chin-Chin was masquerading as Creepy Dude, Safari Man rounded the corner and called him out on his bullshit. During the intense standoff that followed, Plastic Pinocchio appeared and teleported Chin-Chin away before Frank and his friends could recover from the intense hallucinations that Chin-Chin had caused them to see.



  • Plastic Pinnochio is a parody of the character "No Face" from the film "Spirited Away".