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PornHub is a website that appears in The Filthy Frank Show. Not much is known, except for the fact that it's the most recognisable porn site in the Omniverse.


PornHub is mostly known to be frequented by virgins and weeaboos, mostly from Realm 9.12 (Virgin Realm). Since most of Frank's clan wants pusi, it seems that Frank and Safari Man go to this website a lot to jerk off in their free time. Sometimes, when the power is down, Safari Man goes to jerk off on his personal stash of porn magazines, and refuses to lend them to Frank, possibly the reason why Frank thinks he's an asshole and sometimes wants to kick him out of his apartment. PornHub also seems to be the main hentai platform, and as Weeaboo Jones is obsessed with Rosetta Stone hentai, he probably spends more time on this website than Frank. Frank's Stepdad seems to be disappointed about his stepson about how he's ignorant to the fact that he doesn't get pusi in real life, especially when he catches him jerking off while watching content on/from PornHub.


In I HATE SOCIAL NETWORKS, it is possible that PornHub is owned by Chin-Chin, making the website even more mysterious, as Chin-Chin used telepathic powers to lure social medias away from Frank. If Chin-Chin owns PornHub, it is possible that the Dark Lord uses the platform to gather chromosomes from its users, as he claims it to be a "private website", and so people need to sacrifice some chromosomes to gain access to it for a limited time. It is possible that some of the chromosomes gathered from its users are actually given to cure any pornstar that have contracted any form of STD, such as AIDS, making them look like they are always healthy, so they could return doing some "nasty stuff" multiple times. This leads in the direction of concluding that Frank's debt on chromosomes is probably very high, which is possibly the reason everything horrible happens to him.

It is possible that Chin-Chin has made victims from this website, as some people never sacrificed any chromosomes or forgot to sacrifice them. This may be a reason why what happened to Safari Man happened to him in FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN. It is also said that any hackers who tried to take down the website or hack it has been killed or imprisoned to the Realm 90 prison as a result.

It is possible that Plastic Pinocchio is one of the PornHub employees, as he is the closest servant/henchman to Chin-Chin, and so he probably is the main barrier to any violators.

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