It's time to oil up, motherfuckers.

Quote1.png Let's get some pusi tonight. Quote2.png
--A quote heard at the end of every Filthy Frank episode.

Pusi is the odd object found on people who don't have penises (and is located where the penis would be). It is commonly seen in porn. It looks like a concave slit and is used mainly for reproductive purposes. However, constant use of the pusi amplifies one's chromic levels while pleasuring the user at the same time, making it highly sought out.

Pink Guy, begging for the pusi

Pink Guy's infamous pusi hunting is one of the themes of the show, and many believe that he started his rapping career for the bitches. Ainsley Harriott is Pusi in its purest humanoid form. Santa's Brother often raps about da pusi, b0ss. Neither Pink Guy nor Filthy Frank can ever state that they're more of a lady's man than Santie.

Filthy Frank Outro - Pussy Tonight

Usually at the end of Filthy Frank's videos, the audio cue "Let's Get Some Pussy Tonight" is played after the outro. While playing, a meme or an abnormal, uncanny, wild, and/or hilarious image is displayed, each one is different. Sometimes this voice clip is followed up by another voice clip which is usually different each time.

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