Filthy Frank Wiki

Season 1 is the first season of The Filthy Frank Show uploaded on the DizastaMusic channel between August 5th, 2011 and December 15th, 2011. It consists of 24 videos that are around a minute long, featuring Frank speaking directly to the camera and complaining about current trends. Frank does not adopt his gravelly voice (resulting from throat cancer ) for the most part of the first season of the show.


Ep# Title Upload Date
101 Filthy Shit August 5
Filthy Frank recalls a time where he once took a shit with no toilet paper. Having explosive diarrhea, he leaves to restock his supply of toilet paper, only to find feces splattered on his walls, floors, and ceiling.
102 Black People Don't Let Me Freestyle August 20
Filthy Frank tells another story, recalling a moment where he saw a group of African Americans freestyling in a cafeteria. Frank is denied from joining due to having a small penis. Frank then seems to try to freestyle back, singing over a beat about his penis size and sexual acts with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Once again, he is rejected.
103 First Day Of School August 24
Filthy Frank tells a story while degrading schools. He describes how he would create personas for new kids. In one example, he would whisper sexual jokes regarding the psychology teacher to a new kid named Jordan. Later that day, Frank asks the new kids for cereal. They deny his request, and Frank comments and wether they are Mexican who "have sand up [their] vagina" and "soap up [their] urethra". Angry, Frank ends his story with a message.
104 Joining The Football Team September 3
As Filthy Frank shares his penis art, he tells another story. In the math club, Kevin recommends Frank to join the football team. Tryouts were painful for Frank, but the locker room "smelled like dicks and shit." Frank does not make the team.
105 Phone Call to Sesame Street September 7
Filthy Frank recieves a call from Sesame Street regular, Oscar the Grouch. Frank responds with insults, and Oscar hangs up.
106 Filthy Frank - HATER COMMENTS September 11
After a mysterious introduction, Filthy Frank reads some hater comments.
107 Pigeons and Gay Pride September 14
Filthy Frank explains that he was simply walking down the street and he was shat on by a passing seagull. Disgusted, Frank decides to get a haircut. "They call me gay," Frank reveals, then initiates a serious philosophical discussion on the sensibility and reasonings behind calling something 'Gay' "Why do you call something gay if it's not really gay?" he rhetorically asks the viewer.
108 IMPORTANT MESSAGE September 18
In this episode Filthy Frank tells us about how the previous video wasn't appearing on subscription feeds and includes it an annotation. He closes the video with his mating call.
109 What Not To Say On Your First Date September 18
In this episode Filthy Frank describes the worst and most lecherous things you can say on a first date.
110 Asian Nerd Raps September 21
In this episode Filthy Frank tries to rap.
111 Nerd Loves Jersey Shore September 24
In this episode Filthy Frank explains why he hates and can't stop watching Jersey Shore. He recalls when Kenyan Frank caught him watching Jersey Shore and brutally berates him by calling him gay. Filthy Frank tries to hide the fact by saying he is watching Pokemon.
112 Asians Piss Me Off September 28
Filthy Frank explains his hatred of Asian people beating him in his english essays.
113 Asian Nerd Says N-Word October 1
Filthy Frank tells us about the controversy surrounding "the N-Word" and questions whether or not he is allowed to say it.
114 Nerd Gets Rejected By A Girl October 5
Filthy Frank tells a story of how he gets rejected by a girl named Stephanie. She already had a huge douchebag boyfriend.
115 Giant Cockroach October 9
Filthy Frank tries to get rid of a giant cockroach.
116 I HATE BULLIES October 12
Filthy Frank describes when he was bullied on his way to school by Ezekiel.
117 What Is SWAG October 19
Filthy Frank explains what 'Swag'. Did black people start it? Does it stand for 'Something We Asians Got.' The internet thinks that pretending to cook or flapping your wings is swag. Well nobody has swag except Papa Franku.
118 Asian Nerd Hates Halloween October 23
Filthy Frank describes how he doesn't get candy with his shitty costumes but rather apples. So this time with his cocaine dealer costume no one will be giving him apples.
119 I Love Haters! October 26
A sequel to Filthy Frank - HATER COMMENTS, Filthy Frank talks about his first hater comment he received while he was at school.
120 People Don't Like Me October 30
Filthy Frank explains the worst day of his life. His Stuart Little movie didn't work and no matter what he does the black person will not let him hang out with them. Even if he paints himself black and is The King of the West Coast.
121 How Not To Talk To Women Novembr 2
A sequel to What Not To Say On Your First Date, Filthy Frank goes over more pick-up lines that FAIL.
122 Hater Of The Week! Novembr 6
A sequel to I Love Haters!, Filthy Frank goes over another haters comment.
Filthy Frank is seeing Justin Bieber all over the internet and hates it. All the teenies are obsessed with him and all the pusi prefer Bieber than Frank even though he is black and not a vagina.
124 A Filthy Frank Christmas December 15
Filthy Frank spills the secret on how to get pusi. You get both fingers in the anus and simply rip it open.