SunCorp is a mysterious, multi-dimensional corporate entity. It owns at least two realms, Realm 00000 and Realm 88. Coincidentally, both of these realms at different times have been used by either Filthy Frank or Fake Frank as means of protection, with Realm 00000 housing the Vegan Protection Chamber, and Realm 88 being the place where the newly banished Frank hid from the peace^lords during his search for Pink Guy.

It is suspected that SunCorp actually uses cheap Neo-Pakistani labor to manufacture chromosomes.

It is unknown if SunCorp took over Realm 900, as the Weeaboo Protection Chamber located in this realm looks very similar to the Vegan Protection Chamber in Realm 00000, and so it is unknown if they actually colonized the abandoned realm.


  • SunCorp actually exists as a bank company in Australia.