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Hair Cake


The Cake Trilogy is a series of videos published to the TVFilthyFrank channel between July 2015 and August 2016. Each video features Filthy Frank and special guests distinguished as professional chefs baking a cake using a bizarre and disgusting approach. An example of this is using different bodily hairs and fluids as ingredients in the cake. The series begins when Frank learns how to cook by watching the film Chef. Now a Chef master, Frank is driven to educate his apprentice chefs (guest appearances) and use their help to create the greatest cakes known to the Omniverse. The episodes (in chronological order) are VOMIT CAKE, HAIR CAKE, and HUMAN CAKE.

Vomit Cake


  • Fake Frank is the Frank during all three videos.
  • Hair Cake was the birth of the iDubbbz cancer meme
  • Vomit Cake is the first video to show Fake Frank kiss Max
  • The trilogy plays no part in the lore