The Condemned
Biographical info
Aliases "The Dead"
Species Unknown (Presumably Condemned Creatures)
Residence Some of them have been sent in the Shadow Realm, others to Realm -000 (The Darkness)
Miscellaneous info
We don't die. We only get condemned.
- The Condemned to Pink Guy
The Condemned appear to be creatures sent to Realm -000 and the Shadow Realm by Chin-Chin or other gods to trap them in a state of purgatory. They claim to not die and antagonize Pink Guy with the rhetoric that Filthy Frank has been dead for millions of years.

They, or at least two of them, seem to be controlled by Chin Chin when he uses the condemned oracles in CHIN CHIN'S RETURN. The instance of the other condemned attacking Pink Guy once he enters Realm -000 or the Shadow Realm isn't enough evidence to prove Chin Chin controls all of them however. They may be attacking him through instinct or thirst for chromosomes (even if he only had 2 Chromosomes at the time), power, autism, and or anything else they may naturally crave, not because they are being forced or blackmailed into it by Chin Chin.

What's especially unique about the Condemned in the comparison to other beings in the Omniverse is that they use years as a measurement of time, in comparison to chromosomes.