The Judge
Cat in the hat.png
Biographical info
Full name The Judge (unofficial)
Aliases Cat in the Hat Man
Gender Male
Political info
Affiliation Nut Blaster Trio
Nationality Japanese
Miscellaneous info
Role Judge/referee

The Judge or Cat In The Hat Man is an unnamed Japanese-speaking lycra-like being in The Filthy Frank Show. He was a referee in "NUT BLASTER CHALLENGE" where he decided who was the one who ate the most cabbage and who was the one who was going to get his balls blasted off.


His origins are unknown as well as his true name, but one thing for sure is that he portrays the Cat from Dr. Seuss' book "The Cat in the Hat." He's a tall man with a habit of speaking low-class Japanese to the contestants without giving a flying f.

He is in charge of whoever eats the most cabbage in the video and possibly the one who runs the whole challenge, despite the main character being in it. If a contestant argues with him about his unfairness with the challenge, he will simply shut them the hell up and force them to the nut blaster chair. He'll even proceed to chucking them cabbage just because he can. Despite his rough attitude, he'll tranquilize the victim into feeling less despaired by massaging their tense muscles, most notably the victim's genitals.

Not only does he abuse the loser of the challenge; to the winner, he'll give him/her a slap in the head as a way of congratulating.



  • Since he does look a lot like the Cat in the Hat, he may symbolize "pusi" since he is, in fact, a pussycat.
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