The Juice Man
Juice Man
Biographical info
Full name The Juice Man
Species Kokujin
Gender Male
Relative(s) The Juice God (father)
The Tap Brothers (possible brothers or cousins)
Residence somalia (presumably)
Political info
Affiliation Frank's friend
Nationality Somali (presumably)
Occupation Juicing
Rank Suicidal
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance Nut Blaster Challenge (Fireworks on My Balls)
The Juice Man is a suicidal Kokujin friend of Filthy Frank who appeared in the "Nut Blaster Challenge (Fireworks on My Balls)" episode. It is unclear if the faucet is part of his underwear or part of his anatomy, either way whatever it can put out people will want to drink.


Little is known about this Kokujin other than the fact that his father was known as "The Juice God" who can briefly be seen immigrating on a boat with others of his kind, he is also a presumed relative of the Tap Brothers. Many followers of Frank want him to drink from The Juice Man's faucet.


It is theorized that the Juice Man forms part secretly of the Tap Brothers.