Rock Paper Scissors Arena
RPS Arena
Vital statistics
Type Arena
Level Unknown
Location Between Realm 6.2 and Jacksonville, Florida
Inhabitants Chin-Chin (temporarily)
Salamander Man (while being held hostage)



The Rock Paper Scissors Arena is an ancient arena along the path between the main Realm 6.2 and Jacksonville, Florida and is home to the mysterious Trash Can. The faces shown in the arena are those of Chin-Chin's biggest enemies, the ones so powerful he banished them to Jacksonville, Florida.


The arena first made its appearance in the video "ROCK PAPER SCISSORS...?", where Red Dick and Pink Guy participated in an epic RockPaperScissors showdown. Red Dick had brought his creation, Prometheus. Pink Guy easily wins the match and celebrates, Red Dick then sends Prometheus to fight Pink Guy. Prometheus then chases Pink Guy and defeats him with the Trash Can. Pink Guy is then forced to call upon the dark lord Chin-Chin. Chin-Chin battles and defeats Red Dick, however he is shortly defeated by Prometheus using the Trash Can.

The arena's next appearance was in "FILTHY FRANK CHIN CHIN SACRIFICE", where Chin-Chin, after traveling 6000 Chromosomes into the future, kept Salamander Man cursed and tied to a tree as he awaited his sacrifices from Filthy Frank and his followers. Frank arrives with a USB drive filled with the sacrifices from his followers, and Chin-Chin is pleased. However, when Chin-Chin asks Frank for his, he realizes that he himself did not have one. When Chin-Chin is told this, he says that Salamander Man stays with him now. After asking Frank why he cares about Salamander Man so much, Salamander Man demonstrates his legendary ass-flute skills. The Dark Lord is brought to tears, and says Salamander Man can go home, as he cannot keep such talent from the rest of Realm 6.2.

Other Videos

The events of "BATSU FIREWORK TOURNAMENT" and "SALAMANDER MAN'S PUNISHMENT" did most likely happen at or near the arena.

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