The Tap Brothers
Biographical info
Species Lycra
Gender Male (evidently)
Relative(s) The Juice God (possible father)
The Juice Man (possible brother or cousin)
Residence Barron-44
Political info
Affiliation Chin-Chin (formerly for one of them)
The Juice Man (possibly)
Pink Guy (for one of them)
Nationality Unknown
Occupation One of them: Unemployed

The other: Forced to work at the Time Police

Rank Chin Chin's henchmen/associates (formerly for one of them)

Pink Guy's slave (for one of them)

Alignment Neutral
Attitude Gay
Miscellaneous info
Role Minor Antagonists (formerly for one of them)

Pink Guy's bodyguard (for one of them)

Actor/Actress Unknown
PINK GUY! ...What is this bullshit? And what did you do to the Tap Brothers? You know Chin-Chin's not gonna be happy about this, right?
- Fake Frank, towards Pink Guy after defeating the Tap Brothers.
The Tap Brothers

The Tap Brothers are two Lycras who appear in video LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS 5. They are somehow affiliated with Chin-Chin. They may also be related to Juice Man, due to their visible juice taps on their crotches.   



Pink Guy is looking for Frank in Barron-44 and spots the Tap Brothers in the distance. Pink Guy is disgusted by their homosexual behavior, so he tries to leave without them noticing.   

Unfortunately they notice him and start to chase him down. One of the Tap Brothers throws Pink Guy to the ground and then, both brothers proceeded to molest him. At first Pink Guy freaks out but soon, starts to enjoy it. The Tap Brothers then got off of the pink Lycra, and open their taps. Pink Guy then starts to scream and yell as water (or possibly piss), began to flow from the brothers' taps and onto his face.   

Of course, Pink Guy is terrified about this and starts to fight the Tap Brothers. They try to run away but Pink Guy summons Saint Nicholas who fights them and in the end incapacitates them both. Fake Frank then communicates with Pink Guy through what he considers "Cell Service" of which, takes up a lot of chromosomes.   

One of The Tap Brothers appears in "FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN" where he fights the Real Frank. Ultimately The Tap Brother is defeated and his fate after that is unknown.   

According to Frank The Tap Brothers are "...notoriously wanted in the omniverses".   

Somehow, in "PINK GUY - FALCON PUNCH", one of them appears to be enslaved by Pink Guy, along with an unknown brown lycra, as Pink Guy is a higher being by now. Both lycras are apparently forced to work with him in the Time Police.   


They can produce a piss-like substance from their Taps. This ability however is ineffective as shown when the Tap Brothers were releasing their juices on Pink Guy.

The Tap Brothers have considerable hand-to-hand combat abilities. They were however defeated by Pink Guy and his partner Nicholas.

Later on in the video "FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN", one of the Tap Brothers showed to have a considerate boost in their fighting ability.