"Toilet Sriracha Shrimp" was published on June 25, 2015 and is the 119th upload on the TVFilthyFrank YouTube channel. After Frank was banished to The Ricefields , also known as Realm 0 or the Edge of the Omniverse, he had to wear a disguise along with Salamander Man to hide from the peace^lords. The Gatekeeper , an old friend of Frank, appeared and told him that in order to get back home, he had to smell the sriracha shrimp. He calls out to Red Dick, and Red Dick creates sriracha shrimp. Frank smells it and begins his journey home.


After Pink Guy was taken by the Dark Lord , Frank was banished to The Ricefields. In order to get Frank home, Red Dick must send the coordinates via smell by making a fantastic gourmet style sriracha shrimp platter... He succeeds in making the worst Sriracha Shrimp in the known universe. Fake Frank was seen shortly afterwards. Frank smells the Sriracha Shrimp and runs towards its location.


Toilet Sriracha Shrimp

Toilet Sriracha Shrimp