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TooDamnFilthy Profile Picture

TooDamnFilthy is the third channel. It's home to the Cringe of the Week, posted clips from other videos that Frank just wanted to make a video on that specific short clip (example: FILTHY FRANK WAKE ME UP), and he also expands short clips from other videos into longer videos with extra footage (example: ravioli ravioli).

As of August 15th, 2014, the TooDamnFilthy channel became the second channel because Frank had to move his content from the main DizastaMusic channel to the TVFilthyFrank channel due to numerous copyright strikes on his said main channel.

Frank sometimes uses the channel to upload things other than Cringe of the Week and clips. He uploaded songs from Pink SeasonPink Guy's second album, on the channel as well.


  • The profile picture used for the channel is a frame from the music video for "Finna Bust a Nut", seen during 1:03 and 1:06. See here.