Filthy Frank Wiki
Biographical info
Full name Michael Stevens
Aliases Bill Nye

The Dad of iDubbbz

Species Hakujin
Gender Male
Born January 23, 1986
Relative(s) Marnie (wife)

Maeve (daughter) Melissa (sister)

Residence Los Angeles

Stilwell, Kansas (formerly)

Political info
Affiliation Vsauce
Nationality American
Occupation YouTuber/Hobo?/Meme
Rank Meme
Alignment Good
Attitude Clever
Abilities Extremely high intelligence
Limitless knowledge
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance HUMAN CAKE
Role Himself
Actor/Actress Michael Stevens
Quote1.png Hey, Vsauce: Michael here! Quote2.png
--Michael's typical introduction

Michael Stevens, better known or referred to as Vsauce, is the producer and host of his YouTube channel Vsauce, where he uploads educational content and elaborates on the topic of his videos.


Vsauce has only appeared once in the Frankiverse, in the video titled HUMAN CAKE. In the video he is first seen sleeping in a corner presumably homeless. He then contributes his saliva to the creation of the cake. After giving his saliva he offers facts about saliva but is stopped when iDubbbzTV tells him to "Get the fuck back!" and threatens him with a broken bottle, forcing him to return to his homeless slumber.


  • Frank calls Vsauce "the god" which is a title was already mentioned once in VOMIT CAKE where it was used to address people with great knowledge of the culinary arts, Which fits Vsauce, because he himself possesses excellent knowledge of various subjects.
  • Vsauce mentioning his spit facts became a running joke in the Filthy Frank community.


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