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There's a difference between a person that just likes anime...
And people that are full on disgusting unhygienic weeaboos.
- Professor Filthy Frank, in his research of WEEABOOS

WEEABOOS is an episode of the Filthy Frank show, uploaded on the TVFilthyFrank channel on October 8, 2014. In this episode, Frank explains what weeaboos are and why they are trash and the cancer of modern society.


Frank explains that a person can watch anime and appreciate Japanese culture, however weeaboos take this concept and alter it into a harmful idée fixe. Frank defines a weeaboo as someone who:

  • Uselessly takes Japanese courses on Rosetta Stone
  • Has sex with anime body pillows (Japanese: 抱き枕 dakimakura)
  • Collects katana swords that can't even be used
  • Dresses, speaks, or acts like they are Japanese when they clearly aren't part of that ethnic group
  • Has an online avatar of a "waifu" or anime character in general
  • Becomes increasingly and unnecessarily angry when a person bashes or simply dislikes anime (characterized by heavy breathing and typing really fast on caps lock), and defends it as if their lives depend on it
  • Thinks they know everything about Japan after watching several anime series
  • Masturbates to pubescent or prepubescent anime girls (borderline pedophilia)
  • Has a neck beard
  • Goes to Japan and "wonders where the subtitles are"

Eventually, Salamander Man appears and warns Frank that the weeaboos are coming. He and Pink Guy are chased to the Weeaboo Protection Chamber (Realm 900, -40,000 CH) where they were attacked by Weeaboo Jones, a retard weeb from the Virgin Realm. However, Frank easily defeats him by giving him Reality Checks.

Frank ends the video by summarizing that anything taken too far is an unhealthy obsession, and that weeaboos are pretty fucking sad.

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