White Drone
Drone sex filthy frank
Biographical info
Full name White Drone
Species Drone
Gender Female programming
Born Before -30,000,000,000 CH (2001)
Relative(s) Filthy Frank (widow)
Black Drone (boyfriend, but self is deceased)
Drone (possible brother/cousin)
Residence Frank's apartment
Political info
Affiliation Drone Council
Nationality None
Occupation Amazon Deliverer
Rank Cheater
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance WHY DRONES SUCK
Role Frank's ex-wife
Actor/Actress Itself
White Drone is a minor character appearing in WHY DRONES SUCK

Brief History


White Drone pleading Frank not to kill her before her death

Nothing is known about White Drone until it appeared that she cheated on Frank by having sex with Black Drone. It seems that Frank, back in the day, bought her from Realm 492.8888 (Luxury Realm). When Frank saw her cheating on him, it seems that Black Drone ejaculated a lot, even though drones have no organic genitals at all. After all that, Frank got into a fight with Black Drone, but it seems that Black Drone destroyed himself by smacking himself into the wall. Frank then proceeded to bring White Drone into the field, in which he violently pulled her along the way. White Drone pleaded him that she will never cheat on him again. Frank, enraged, then killed his ex-lover with his shotgun (possibly a Mossberg 500/590). White Drone's death then alerted the Council, which came out to kill Frank. Frank, who was very weak back at -30,000,000,000 CH, ran away, as the Council was way stronger. In present day, as Macbook told his backstory on his hatred on drones, Frank felt guilty on the crime he committed on her, and then stopped the video right after.

It is unknown if White Drone is related to Drone in "ILLEGAL CRAWFISH RACING OLYMPICS", as Drone is also another white drone.