Winnie the Pooh (born August 21, 1921) is a minor antagonist in the Filthy Frank universe. He is a yellow stuffed bear who has starred in movies, television shows and books of the same name. He has appeared several times on the Filthy Frank Show.

Winnie-the-Pooh in Adele Is Fat

Winnie the Pooh, as seen in "ADELE IS FAT"


After Frank gets high on laced weed (supplied by Pink Guy), a hallucination of Pooh tells Frank he's "tired of [his] shit" and says a banana is going to kill him. Pooh says "this is what happens when you take drugs, man, this what happens, yo. It's some crazy shit." A banana then proceeds to swing at Frank, but hits Pink Guy instead. Frank believes Pink Guy to be dead.


Frank explains how his dog had gotten sick and had to be put down the week before, then goes on a rant describing how Adele is reminiscent a dying dog and sounds worse than his shit smells. He goes off on a tangent about her winning six Grammys and how fat she is, then says "Why's she always complaining about her relationship issues, what about mine?" The next scene shows Frank breaking up with Pooh, with Pooh saying "Man, shut the fuck up before I beat your candy-ass lookin' bitch."


In the episode "WINNIE THE POOH CONSPIRACY THEORY," Pooh is revealed to be a Satan worshiper with ties to Barack Obama and the U.S Army. According to Dr. Filthy Frank, the Army was cooperating with the rest of the Hundred Acre Woods to keep Eeyore homeless. After the U.S government shut down his show, Frank went missing for seven years before being found in the ghetto. It is unknown whether or not Pooh had any involvement with his disappearance.

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