Biographical info
Species Unknown (possibly a Jinchuuriki)
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Relative(s) Unknown
Residence Unknown
Political info
Affiliation Peace Lords
Nationality Unknown
Occupation Peace Lord
Rank God
Miscellaneous info
Role Minor Protagonist
He has given you the most powerful book in the Omniverse. Run. Run far, far away before it gets in the hands of evil.
- Yadaran to Pink Guy, regarding Filthy Frank giving Pink Guy Francis of the Filth.

Yadaran is a Peace Lord who appears in FRANCIS OF THE FILTH (OUT NOW).



Yadaran is an extremely powerful entity, possibly the strongest entity to appear on the show so far, capable of effortlessly draining all of Chin-Chin's chromosomes and banishing him to an unknown realm.

Yadaran presumably had complicated history with Chin-Chin dating back some time prior to his debut, as he was tracking him with the intention of stealing his chromosomes, conveniently appearing right as Chin-Chin was about to steal Francis of the Filth from Pink Guy.

When appearing, it seems like he was also after Frank, in which he was trapped by Chin-Chin's dimensional vortex. He claims that everything would be over if both Chin-Chin and Frank give him their chromosomes, as he considers both of them too dangerous for the omniverse. However, due to the fact that both were questioning his identity, Yadaran then drained all of Chin-Chin's chromosomes and banished him. As Frank pulled out Francis of the Filth and gave it to Pink Guy before getting sucked in by the dimensional vortex, telling that this book tells all of their misadventures, it seems like Yadaran changed his mind, as he did not take the book, as opposed to Frank thinking of it happening. He then reassured Pink Guy about the significance of this book, telling that Frank will come back from the dimensional vortex he fell into, before teleporting away.


Yadaran wears a black robe which covers his entire body, making it impossible to identify what race he was prior to becoming a Peace Lord, however, his jerky movements suggest he might be disabled in some manner. The only feature not covered by his robe is his white opera mask, which displays 6 stripes of what appears to be kyuubi chakra on the cheeks. Removing the mask reveals that his face is obscured by a layer of black cloth similar to his robe, keeping his identity hidden.

Powers and Abilities

Yadaran is easily one of the most, if not the most powerful character to appear in the show. He was capable of easily defeating Chin-Chin, one of the most powerful figures in the known omniverse. The color and animation of the stripes on his mask may hint that he's a Jinchuuriki.

He has the ability to teleport between dimensions at will and can banish his enemies from a distance, a power no other character has displayed previously (similar attacks have always deployed a form of projectile to achieve the same effect). He appears to be practically omnipotent.


  • His theme appears to be Bump in the Night by Kevin MacLeod.