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Over time, Filthy Frank has created, used, and abandoned multiple YouTube channels. This is a list of them.


DizastaMusic was the original Filthy Frank YouTube Channel, with TVFilthyFrank as the secondary channel for extra videos.

As of August 15th 2014, the DizastaMusic channel is retired and, in Frank's own paraphrased words, will be forever a showcase of filth. Since then, TVFilthyFrank has been the main channel, and TooDamnFilthy serving as the new secondary channel for content .


TVFilthyFrank was the secondary channel where Filthy Frank uploads bloopers, behind the scenes and everything that does not make it on to the former main channel DizastaMusic.

Now, it's the main channelDizastaMusic is retired and TooDamnFilthy was created for the role of secondary channel.


TooDamnFilthy was created around the same time TVFilthyFrank became the main channel, to act as the new main channel's former purpose of second channel.

Along with bloopers, Frank uploads the Cringe of the Week series on this channel.


Jojivlogs was a channel by George "Joji" Miller, the creator the Filthy Frank Show. It had videos about George outside of the Filthy Frank Show. All videos have been taken down due to "fans" commenting stupid shit.


vlogs is Red Dick's YouTube channel. He has uploaded six videos in it, four made public while the other two have been made private. Those that have kept their public status are where he eats a roll of toilet paper on one video, eats oranges in another, gnaws on a carrot on the third one, and became anorexic in the last one. His two other videos that have been made private feature him pretending to have sex with a body pillow while an anime plays in the background on one of the videos and another where he is seen smoking a bunch of potatoes in a bong but without the red jumpsuit.


2cool4u92 is the very first channel created by George "Joji" Miller. It only features one video with the same title than the channel's name, featuring Young Joji breakdancing for a few seconds inside a school. It is actually when the Filthy Frank Omniverse begins.


AussieAsianBoyz is the third YouTube channel that George "Joji" Miller has created. However, this channel only features four videos, which it was meant to be the second channel for the DizastaMusic channel until he abandoned it.

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