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Zuckerbot 9000
I'm being violated! This is rape!
I'm being violated! This is rape!
Biographical info
Full name Mark Zuckerburg / Zuckerbot 9000
Species Robot Ghost
Gender None. Is a Robot.
Born May 14, 1984
Relative(s) Priscilla Chan (Wife)

Maxima Chan Zuckerberg (Daughter)

Residence Unknown
Political info
Affiliation Facebook
Nationality American
Occupation Working at Facebook
Rank Creator of Facebook
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance I HATE FACEBOOK
Role Killing Frank
Actor/Actress Unknown

The Zuckerbot 9000 is a minor antagonist on The Filthy Frank Show. A ghost-android from the far-future, The Zuckerbot is sent back several thousand chromosomes to fight Fake Frank in I HATE FACEBOOK.


The Zuckerbot 9000 appeared in the video "I HATE FACEBOOK" as a ghost entity which is remotely controlled by Mark himself. His ghost entity appears to be really powerful. He seems to have beef with Fake Frank or the real Frank himself. He breaks inside Fake Frank's apartment and starts looking for him. Macbook 2 tells him to stop, says that Frank left and that he would never tell Zuckerburg where he went. Zuckerburg told him that they were going to have serious problems since he didn't want to tell him where Frank was, he then rapes Macbook 2.

He manages to find Fake Frank and asks him about his glasses, stating that they're "gay". Avoiding the question, Fake Frank begins to taunt the Zuckerbot about Facebook's agenda. He then starts to fight him but Fake Frank was more powerful than Zuckerburg, as he was able to rape him with a bottle, indicating that he has less chromosomes than Fake Frank. After being raped he walks off, with Frank taunting him off in the distance.